Quick Steps to Check for Refrigerator Problems

Common Refrigerator Problems

Imagine that you reach into the refrigerator on a Saturday morning to gather the ingredients you need to make breakfast for your family. You soon realize that the power went out overnight. The eggs are spoiled and smell funny, the milk is sour, and the meat looks like it’s growing mold. You have no idea what happened, but it’s clear that your refrigerator is not working properly and you will have to dispose of most of the food inside. Fortunately, licensed technical help with refrigerator repair in Vancouver is just a phone call away.

Quick Troubleshooting

You can take several steps before you place a call for repair service. These include:

If your refrigerator won’t work after trying these tips, it’s time for a professional to look at the unit.

Fridge Repair Service Available for All Brands of Refrigerators

Prestige Appliance Repair Technicians are factory trained to work with all the major brands and models. We carry and use only manufacturer’s OEM parts to ensure your repairs work for today and for years to come.

Why Prestige Appliance Repair

  1. HRAI Certified Refrigerant and Gas Appliance Technician to work on your Fridge, Electric and Gas fueled Stove, Oven and Dryer repairs.
  2. Over 15years of appliance repair experiences.
  3. 7 Days customer support to dispatch service technician for same day services
  4. Local Technician
  5. 90 Days warranty on repairs.
  6. Service charge waive off when you repair

Types of Fridge We Service

Whether you own a top mount, bottom mount, side-by-side, or another type of refrigerator, our technician has the skills and tools to fix it. We work with all major brands, including Maytag, Whirlpool, Kitchen Aide, and dozens more. You may contact us to schedule repair services seven days a week, including evenings and holidays. This is good news when your refrigerator breaks down on a Saturday of a holiday weekend. All work completed by Paramount Appliance Repair is backed by a full warranty.

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